Wednesday, October 16, 2013

White House Rant

As I sit here im watching CNN and its just so frustrating to watch. The government closed mainly because republicans dont want Obamacare to past. And if you do your research you wouldnt like it either. Its crazy how much was kept secret and now is coming out in the light.  Honestly thats not all, we also have the debt ceiling, were the government cant decide how much they should allot them to spend. They use tax payers dollars, to pay for programs we cant afford anyways. Its destructive, and its funny how they tried to act like nothing was wrong for so long, and continue to as the shutdown ends. I just dont understand how its not up to them to decide what happens. Its the people, me and you. If we go back to the past, the founding fathers would never have let all this happened. They put this country on a foundation of agreement for the people living in the country. As we look at DC they are not out for the people. Their hungry politicians out to get the quickest dollar or be the most popular. They remind me of high school. Some of them care but not enough to stand out, others are very popular and can do as they please, and then the ones wanting to make a difference get run over because it will hurt everyone else. Its ridiculous that we let a bunch of immature politicians run the lives of millions.  

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