Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Waking up a generation

Sex Drugs and Alcohol. It seems as that's all people care about anymore. We look at movies, conversations, music, thats all people seem to be able to relate in. Especially with sex and alcohol. I have friends on facebook that all their pictures are half dress or barley any clothes at all. They like how peole like their photos, they like the attention. Why dont people enjoy just smiles. I love smiles, it says so much of a person way more then a half dress photo. And sex its like all guys seem to care about girls. Like what happen to the Gentleman of the world, who spoils their girlfriends with love and genuine care. And girls are at fault here too. They go out half dress so men can persue them because they believe thats how you should get guys. I blame the media alot for this,with the way they say things in tv shos and music videos. Also music always talks about provocative information. I just dont see how people dont see this. I hate how are generation just focuses on partying and getting drunk. I wish they would sit and think, imagine your at that party you get drunk and no one is paying attention to you and you drink to much and get alcohol poisoning and no one helps you. You could die in your own throw up because you wanted to have fun. Or even think about if the party gets shut down and you get a underage. How all your dreams would be effected. See my generation doesnt think these things. They want the pleasure the enjoyment. Same thing with sex, I wish they would understand they could get a STD or a baby from doing this. That they can mess up the great plan God has planned for them. I wish people would think instead of being so selfish on their weekend nights. Life is to short to make mistakes like these, I just wish I new how to change their thinking.

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