Monday, October 14, 2013


Moments, moments like these that keep my faith strong. Were when the world seems to be crashing we still seem to keep strong. Its crazy how the king of kings works. I was sitting there with my thirsty heart begging for a miracle for a change, and you came. You said dig a ditch so I bought a shovel and i began to dig. You told me you would bring the water for my thirst, so I dug and I dug till I could not anymore and now I am blessed , Now I have water to drink. You gave me an opportunity and I wont waste it. You want to see my faith here it is God, I see you, I feel you, I love you. What rung in my head was am i going to stay in a routine or am I going to search for something greater. All of us have that feeling, that desire in our heart, but what we do with it defines the actual condition of our heart.  God does not want us to stay ordinary, he has a plan, and that plan is for something greater. He had a plan for us before we were even placed on to this earth. All god wants us to do is dig ditches, he wants us to do the work first then we receive the blessing. He asks for a short leap of faith, nothing big just enough to show we are willing to go after this thing this greater purpose he has dreamed for us. Its like he is seeing if we are ready to receive the blessing. Imagine what you could do with this desire this feeling you feel. Could you be a doctor? or the next morgan freeman, or even just the next Dog rescuer. Imagine what your calling is. Think of all the things you are good at and just imagine what lord has set in store for you to use that for. Today look at yourself, and just say God I am trusting you and I will begin digging my ditch, the ditch I am going to begin digging is.... And start going to work. If you dont know what your ditch is thats okay. Sit back and reflect. Stop and talk to the lord, the lord works in the most mundane ways. You could recive your water at the most amazing times. to say a story, today i woke up like any other day, with this feeling inside, this greater purpose filling inside but what made today different then others is the night before I prayed to the Lord of lords, the Kings of kings, to show me my ditch, show me were I need to begin digging at. And as I do any other day, I went on my way of going thru my twitter and i found a man, probably looking for a day of on this holiday to spend with his family. But, he was asking if anyone wanted to report a game for him because he could not do it. Thats all it was a report for a high school game. To you reading this that may not seem like much but I one day want to be a reporter, someday be that pultzier prize winner journalist who travels the world. So I was going to just keep scrolling down but i decided to stop and read it. It said if anyone is interested to just email him. By the number of retweets it did not seem as if anyone else was spamming his email box. So I decided to just send an email to see if he was serious. I did not think he was going to actually respond. But when he did I automtticaly new what god had done. He was filling my water he was giving me faith. I didnt do much, I took a small leap of faith to just see what would happen, and God gave me chance. Thats all he asks, to just begin to start taking the steps needed for his greater will.God is honestly amazing, he does work in the most surprising ways. So dont wait any longer, take that step take that step to what you want to do. Its not going to fill itself. Its going to take sometime to where you need to do something. Now take this moment to sit back and praise the king of kings. Do not let the world to decide what you will be. Be what you want to be. as I write this out actually the girl I ran away with actually entered Starbucks. Its funny how the devil tries to win you over. Or tries to pull you down. But Just focus forward don't let him pull you back. Be the best you and that's all it takes.

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