Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Best Time Of My Life

Girl this is for you.  Im siting here as you sleep and im just thinking of everything while I listen to some country and im cheesing lol Because were so amazing an I love you and you have my heart all of it. Its crazy how short its been but yet I feel like I known you for so long my love. We have come such a long way from what we were, from are fighting. Im so proud to call you mine, your the midnight air on a summer night, your the sun glowing on a cool evening, your the dirt on my tires sticking to me and not leaving, your the kid that comes up to the other kid alone at recess and makes him feel wanted, your the promise parents make to their kids at a young age, your the ketchup to my french fries, your the letters in my words, your the laces in my shoes always keeping me tied up. Your a miracle, a leader a once in a lifetime chance. You can light up any room your in. You really surprise me with the way of your kindness. I really cant wait till I can see you wearing white when we begin to share a kingdom. my love, I want to change the world with you, I want to make a change with you, make a difference, something me and you can be remembered for. Because you deserve to be remember. Ill never forget you, your engraved in my heart, and have left a mark on it and its yours to keep. Its something bout the way you walk, its something bout the way you talk, its something bout the way you speak, its the way you shine, i love the way you walk and move those hips. I love all of you and when i lay next to you gravity drops and im floating above my body. And we made it thru the summer and making it thru fall. Baby i want to know you thru all the seasons, each one knowing which and how you are. Your just so marvelous in so many ways. I love those jeans you always seem to wear and I love the things you do with your hair, and I love the way you you bum it, and I love the fact you love soccer and dance, and I love the fact you love to read, and I love the fact I met you at a book store like a cheesing 80s movie, and I love the face you love 80s movies, and I love the fact you laugh at all my stupid jokes, and I love you love all the things I love or you have a funny way making me believe you do, Just one look into your eyes and im gone forever, every second with you makes life better. Something bout looking at the sky with you wondering why we are here and where are we going, its something bout cruising with you thru the hilltops, its something bout the way we are happy about nothing when we are together, its something bout the way I keep falling for you everyday, its something about the way you have me. I love your style i love panda gosh baby I love you.  

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