Monday, February 11, 2013

The truth

The truth is I am not perfect. I sin every day no matter how hard I try not to. I make promises I am unable to keep, I continue to make mistakes. But no one thing for sure, my God is my savior, and he knows I am trying. My God knows my heart, and knows I want to love others like his son did, that I want to walk in the foot steps of him no matter how much I fail. My lord my heart is yours, you know what is best for me, your my eyes my feet my hands, so teach me to see the good in people, to show people to walk the right path, and to hug people with the love you had for humanity and still do. Lord, I know you havnt lost hope in humanity yet, lord you break chains, you break demons, God you are the greatest carpenter ever, you created a world a beautiful paradise that we take for granted everyday. God Im singing, singing in your grace your presence, because I can feel with me. I see the good you bring out of me to show for others in this world. God I love you, God I love you so much more then anything possible and at times im not perfect but God im trying, trying to be the perfect man you deserve.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Make my heart like yours, because your heart is open and mine has doors, locking everything out, teach me to forgive, because that is how life is meant to be lived, you give more then anyone will ever understand. That is why I want to live Gods plan. Lord I want to brag about your goodness, and all the bliss, you give me in this reminiscing heart. Lord im the target so hit me with your dart. You keep me in the light when im stuck in the dark, God You have open my eyes to see the truth, that I don't need proof, because God your always here, you lead me when I have fear. Jesus always has a plan for your heart and mind, you just got to take the time to understand the riddle and the rhyme, its not the end if you sin, but with Christ you will win. In your own mind the lights are dim, but in Jesus you he will heal the timid. There is no limit on how much he loves, he can make our hearts floart high like doves, trust in the lord and he will help the broken, because God is the ticket he is the token. Giving up is the enemies goal, to make you feel cold, but your not alone my friend, I have been there done that. Crying in my room I sat, scared of my self and my mind, but pray to the God up high, and he will set you free, not the tree you have been smoking. I know I get it, dont have enough money to pay the rent, but let go of your worries, before your heart gets buried, and you give up in him which can not happen, because your actually at his door tapping, begging for help.